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E-way Bill

E-way Bill

E-way bill stands for electronic waybill. It’s a singular document/bill, which electronically transfers from one place to a different either inter-state or intra-state as needed under the present GST regime and is worth quite INR 50,000. The movement of products () is generated for an equivalent.
E Way Bill – Bill is an electronic method for the movement of products originating on a portal. A GST (goods and repair tax) registered person can’t transport goods during a vehicle whose value is quite Rs. 50,000 (single invoice/bill/delivery invoice) without e-way bill which is generated. Alternatively, E-way bills are often generated or cancelled via SMS, through Android app and site to site integration. When an E-way bill is generated, a singular E-way bill number (EBN) is allocated and it’s available to the supplier, the recipient and therefore the transporter.

Special features of E-Waybill

  • ‘Ship to’ provision added to e-bill software.
  • The transporter can now assign an E-way bill number to a different registered or inrolled transporter, which can’t be changed later.
  • The unique number generated from Part A is going to be valid for 15 days for updating to Part B. Validity will start only after this.
  • E-bill is often given before or after transport of products by air, railway or vessel.
  • It is not necessary that the person carrying the products features a copy of the e-bill
  • Part B of the e-bill will need to be shown when transporting goods by air, railway or vessel.
  • When taxable or tax-exempt goods are being transported, then up to 50 thousand rupees won’t be counted.
  • Companies that are working under aviation, railways or vessels aren’t required to get consolidated E-way bills.
  • The unique bill number is going to be valid for 15 days
  • If the products aren’t transported during the validity period, then its period is often extended partially B form.

In this case, the E way bill won’t be necessary.

  • Discounted items aside from de-oil cake
  • A custom station, on goods transported from port to a different custom station port