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About Us


PROLOGIC WEB SOLUTIONS was founded on the principles of lasting partnerships, accountability, and exceptional service and value. As a mid-sized organization that provides technology services and outsourcing to global enterprises, PROLOGIC WEB SOLUTIONS derives bottom line results for our customers by being flexible in our approach, agile in our delivery, and focusing on our customer’s success.

Since 2009, our business has been to utilize technology to build robust solutions that help our customers become more agile, boost performance, and deliver value throughout their ecosystems to grow their organizations. By partnering with PROLOGIC WEB SOLUTIONS , we’ll help you thrive today and in the future.

Rely on PROLOGIC WEB SOLUTIONS as Your Trusted Partner

Leveraging technology to build solutions that support our clients’ business strategies is how PROLOGIC WEB SOLUTIONS differentiates. We do this by:

  • Creating a customer-specific focus – Leveraging best practices whenever possible, PROLOGIC WEB SOLUTIONS understands that eachcustomer may have unique business processes and requirements. This is where PROLOGIC WEB SOLUTIONS flexibility in engagements and delivery models is unmatched and where we help enable our customers to become more agile. We focus more on Service than on Technology.
  • Optimizing our client relationships – Creating value not just in performance, but leadership. We strive to understandplans for growth and identify opportunities for innovation.
  • Being a vision & Service partner – Collaborating with organizations to remove business blinders and reap the maximum returnfrom investments. We do this by realigning budgets with IT initiatives that move business forward.

Key Highlights

  • Midsized organization that fosters a culture of service excellence
  • Flexible engagement models that offers a blending of onsite/offshore/offsite
  • More than 100+ professionals based in India in two offices at Noida and Bangalore.
  • Extended vertical expertise in Manufacturing, IT, GPS/RFID, HR, Healthcare, Mobility.
  • Strong reputation of building lasting partnerships